equipment services

Equipment Services

You can rely on us to be your response team any time, any place, with no minutes to spare.

When you choose Bulk Equipment Corp. to provide, maintain, and service your equipment rental needs, you gain access to our world-class equipment service.

Our equipment rental customers count on us for prompt, 24/7 response to equipment service needs. When you call for help, we deploy fully stocked service trucks to your location for speedy resolution.

Our mechanics and technicians are on the spot for you... because we know your operation is on the line.

We keep you moving.

Equipment repair & maintenance

At our Bulk Equipment Corp. headquarters in Michigan City, Indiana, we operate comprehensive equipment repair and maintenance facilities. Our highly skilled mechanics, equipment technicians, and equipment service experts are ready for all your equipment repair and maintenance needs.

We operate a heavy equipment and truck repair shop, a tire department, an equipment fabrication shop, and a paint & body shop (including one of the largest equipment paint booths in Indiana). We're equipped with the resources required to keep you moving.

Zero downtime?

Some people say zero downtime with heavy equipment is impossible. But as a Bulk customer, you get access to our extensive support network behind every machine–expert mechanics, and extensive maintenance and repair facilities. We stock a full complement of spare parts. We operate mobile tire trucks. We maintain a comprehensive back-up fleet. We rely on precision logistics.

And we deploy fully-stocked service vehicles when you need them. You can rely on us to be your response team any time, any place, with no minutes to spare.

Prevent costly equipment breakdowns

We know that the right maintenance prevents breakdowns. We maintain our own fleets, and we're very particular about that. Preventive maintenance is part of our equipment service commitment. Ongoing, scheduled inspections and systematic attention to detail can prevent equipment breakdowns.

In fact, we often identify service needs before our customers do.

Consider us your partner in equipment management and maintenance. We're invested in your success. We strive to keep your operations running smoothly.

Specialized equipment services

You can turn to Bulk Equipment Corp. for specialized equipment services like real-time equipment location status, GPS tracking with load counts, fleet optimization through usage studies, and custom-built equipment solutions.

With our passion for heavy equipment, we're experts in fleet management and emerging technologies that can improve your operation–from analysis to tracking to safety. Count on us to keep you ahead of the curve.