equipment rental and service faqs


What types of equipment do you rent and service?

We offer a huge variety of trucks and heavy equipment from all major equipment manufacturers. Examples include Wheel Loaders, Fork Trucks, Articulated Dump Trucks, Rigid Frame Haul Trucks, Excavators, Dozers, Graders, Scrapers, Skid Steers, Carry Deck & RT Cranes, On & Off Road Semi Tractors Trailers, Custom Built Steel Hauling Equipment, Transporters, Pickup Trucks, Vans, Flatbeds, Tow Tractors... and others.

What if I need something different?

If the right machine for your job is not in our fleet, we will locate one through our vast international network of equipment resources.

What if I need to replace a piece of equipment that's no longer made?

We have the range and flexibility to innovate directly to your needs. Between our network of resources form all brands, our out-of-the-box thinking, and our internal fabrication capabilities, we will solve the problem!

When you present a custom equipment solution, is it more expensive?

Interestingly, we can often save you significant expense. Some of our solutions have generated six-figure savings for our customers.

If we rent equipment from you, rather than purchasing it, what's the impact on finance performance for our company?

You're getting capital equipment–without the capital investment. Fleet rental payments can be tax-deductible overhead expenses, reducing the net cost of your rental. With the real-time service offered by Bulk Equipment Corp., you enjoy peace-of-mind–no surprise expenses.

What are other advantages of renting equipment-as compared to purchasing it?

You can obtain the equipment you need without significantly affecting your cash flow. You can reduce your operational risk.

Why would I choose Bulk Equipment Corp. over a national car rental company for my fleet rental needs?

It's a matter of industry focus and expertise. Who do you want supporting your mission-critical operations? We understand your industry. We work in your industry. And our exclusive interest is equipment solutions and service dedicated to your success.

If I already have a warranty on my owned equipment, do I need Bulk Equipment Corp.?

If reliability and cost-containment are important to you, yes. We offer equipment service agreements that are all-inclusive and a bumper-to-bumper warranty that never expires.

If my equipment supplier can't offer the warranty I need, can Bulk Equipment Corp.?

We can offer an all-inclusive rental package that allows for worry free operations, where breakdown and component failure costs will not be the customer's responsibility.

Does Bulk Equipment Corp. provide outsourced staffing?

Yes, we have trained drivers and operators available. We offer in-plant personnel services when that fits your requirements.

What skill sets do you have on the Bulk Equipment Corp. team?

Our highly skilled team of heavy equipment specialists, mechanics, technicians, logistics specialists, union workers, craftsmen, foremen, and service experts is on board with you.