It all started with Clarence “Pappy” Brown delivering sand and gravel to jobsites loading this truck by hand with a shovel. In those days, Pappy would take material directly from the beach on Lake Michigan.

Fleet Of Brown's Dump Trucks Back In The Day

Early dump truck fleet

Brown Trucking Unloading Material
Brown Employee In Action At Job Site Back In The Day

Additional services provided

The original team poses for a picture outside the first company garage. Our founder, Leonard Brown, is standing on the front bumper. From the beginning, it’s been great people that have made the business successful.

Handling Material & Managing Site Prep Jobs Back In The Day

The team became experts on handling material and managing site prep jobs

Moving Material To Build Roads & Highways

Moving material to build roads and highways

Brown Assisting With The Railroad Derailments

Assisting the railroad with derailments

Brown's Crew Assisting With Railroad Derailments
One Of Brown's Employees Operating Heavy Equipment At A Job Site Back In The Day

Located at the bottom tip of Lake Michigan, the business was positioned well to handle material transported by barge and ship across the great lakes.

Bulk Transport Back In The Day Working As Stevedores, Loading & Unloading Ships

Working as Stevedores, we supported the maritime industry loading and unloading ships.

One Of Brown's Dozer's Moving Material At Job Site Back In The Day
Bulk Transport Dump Truck Back In The Day

We’ve always loved big iron

Brown's Crew Doing Site Prep For The Bethlehem Steel Plant

Building a steel mill – We had the great fortune of being hired to do the dirt work and site prep for the Bethlehem Steel plant in Burns Harbor IN.

Our early days operating in a steel mill

Bulk Transport In Action Back In The Day
Brown's Bulldozer And Crane Loading Dirt Onto Bulk Transport Dump Truck

One of our sand mines

Unloading Material Onto Dump Truck Back In The Day
Fleet Of Trucks Hauling Coils In The Mill

Hauling coils in the mill

Bulk Transport Crew Loading Large Pipe Onto Truck Back In The Day

Bulk Transport Corp. road fleet