The #yagottawanna Way

It’s true that the Bulk family business bloodline goes back over 80 years and includes experience in both operating and maintaining heavy equipment. But the undercurrent that has been consistent throughout all those years, and which Bulk is built on, is the #yagottawanna way.

Leonard Brown, the man who planted the seed for what years later would become Bulk Equipment Corp., found inspiration in the saying “Ya Gotta Wanna.” Essentially, it means that nothing in business goes right all the time. You take the good with the bad and you make sure that the one thing that stays consistent throughout is hard work and taking pride in your craft.

You’ll find that the #yagottawanna mindset is intrinsic to our core values. To find success, as a business and as an individual, you have to want to do anything necessary to get the job done. These are the values we’re committed to hanging our hard hats on each and every day.


Make it right

We’re only as good as our last job. We own our mistakes and are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right.
Technician Opening Bulk Transport Truck Door

Dig deep

The work we do is challenging and essential. When times get hard, we dig deep and remember why we’re here. Our success and the success of our clients relies on us and our willingness to work hard, no matter the circumstances.
Bulk Team Member Operating CAT Equipment at a Heavy Construction Job Site

Commit to family

Our people are our family. We have a greater responsibility to take care of and provide for those closest to us, and we take that very seriously. We show up for them, respect them, and are always willing to lend a hand.
Three Bulk Equipment employees smiling at the camera

Be irreplaceable

We actively seek out ways to provide value. The only way we guarantee our work is by becoming as essential to our customers as they are to society.
Chris Antonakis, Bulk Equipment Corp.

Think beyond the box

Solving problems is what we do. We’re not satisfied just doing things the way they were done in the past. We continually seek out new ways of thinking to push ourselves and our industry forward.
Bulk Transport In Action

Safety First

Initially safety costs time and money, but no product or service is worth its value if the safety or wellbeing of people is jeopardized in the process. Making sure our Bulk family and customers get home safely every day is a top priority and investing to make that happen is well worth it. This commitment to safety is part of our culture, and in the long run creates more efficient job sites and services.
Bulk Equipment Employee Wearing Safety Gear While Painting Equipment For A Rebuild
Bulk Team Members in Action Loading Material Onto a Red Dump Truck

A Look Back

Today, Bulk Equipment Corp. stands as a premier heavy equipment rental and service provider, however our success is not ours alone. We wouldn’t be where we’re at today without the years of knowledge and lessons those who came before us passed on.

Our History


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