Achieve Impeccable Uptimes

Uptime is the driving force behind productivity, and ultimately profit, in the heavy equipment world. Preventative maintenance is the best way to maximize uptime which is why our technicians are keenly focused on inspecting equipment, monitoring wear, and making repairs before machine failures occur. However even with the best maintenance programs, equipment breaks. Bulk technicians are there to diagnose the problem and get the machine back up and running as quickly as possible when it does.

Established Experience

Because we got our start as heavy equipment operators, we understand both the harsh environments that customer machines are put through daily, as well as the necessity to keep equipment moving through it all.

Brand Independent

The Bulk business model is predicated on providing a premium alternative to the traditional model. Built around a team of expert technicians with diverse knowledge, we’re able to service and repair any machine 24/7, no matter the brand.

Total Fleet Management Solutions

Not only do we manage the logistics of getting the best-priced parts and supplies to the front line, but we offer 24/7 visibility into the operating status of every piece of equipment so we can stay ahead of your needs each step of the way.

Real-Time Equipment Status Report

An electronic inspection tool enables Bulk technicians to provide real-time detailed equipment feedback related to services, repairs, or damages to customers no matter where they are.

  • Instant insight into whether inspection points passed or failed
  • Photos are uploaded directly into the report, providing a visual understanding
  • Allows for quick customer decisions based on Bulk recommendations