Serving America's Railroads

Transport via rail is the most efficient and vital component to maintaining the availability of everyday goods that this nation depends on. Reliability of intermodal heavy equipment is crucial to that efficiency.

Take a look at some of the machines that keep railroads rolling:

Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) Cranes are mobile cranes that travel over the rail or stacking area of containers in a railyard. They’re essential to loading and unloading rail cars and trailers to move freight around the country. Rubber tired gantry cranes can span the width of multiple tracks and have the ability to maneuver over other stacked containers.

Reach Stacker At Intermodal Job Site

Reach Stackers are built for the Intermodal Industry to handle shipping containers. They’re designed to lift these large containers to and from rail cars or trailers and can pick and carry them around a terminal. These machines have gained popularity because of their ability to perform multiple tasks in the container handling process.

Side Loader

Side Loaders are similar to a straight-masted lift truck. They lift containers using a special spreader and can carry and stack multiple containers high. Unlike a reach stacker, they’re unable to handle containers beyond the first row.

What We Do

Focused on ensuring equipment uptime, we implement a detailed preventative maintenance program to keep equipment running at peak condition so freight gets to where it needs to safely and on time. Examples of machines we maintain in the railyards are:
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Reach Stackers
  • Container Handlers
  • Spotter Trucks
Bulk Team Member Operating MI-Jack Series III Equipment - Intermodal

Core Capabilities