Safety By Design

Working in hazardous environments day in and out requires that everything we do start with safety. Not only are industry-specific safety training and the latest PPE provided, but new tools and systems are created to make our work even safer than what the law and our customers require.



Specialty Equipment


A Safe Start

Two Employees Wearing Hard Hats, Safety Glasses & Neon Striped Jackets At Job Site
We provide all of our people with the training required by the different federal administrations we work under, as well as training geared specifically to each task we perform. Regardless of prior experience, we train and verify that each new team member can work safely in the field and our shops.
Bulk Team Member in Action Wearing PPE
Our procedures for equipment operators address every OSHA standard, including personal protective equipment such as hard hats, eye protection, heavy-duty work gloves, ANSI-approved protective footwear, chemical protective gloves, respiratory protection, and noise protection.
Two Bulk Team Members Working on Specialty Equipment
We often fabricate or order special tools and devices to increase the safety of our team. Whether it’s fall protection systems above large machines in our shop or custom-built hooks for maneuvering equipment while lifting, we’re always on the lookout for better ways to work safely.
Two Bulk Employees Smiling
Beyond all the training and tools, we reinforce a culture of caring for one another company wide. Not only is everyone in charge of themselves, but also those around them, including our customers.
Two Employees Wearing Hard Hats And Neon Safety Vests Standing In Front Of Red Kress Heavy Equipment At Project Site
Our technicians check vehicles at the beginning of each shift to ensure that mechanical parts, equipment, and accessories are in safe operating condition. Any variation is addressed immediately by our service team before we release the equipment for use.
Bulk's Mobile Fall Protection On Site

Elevating Safety Measures

We’re always looking to improve ways to increase the safety of our team. The addition of several mobile fall protection systems is one way we’ve done this. These units allow us to set up OSHA/ANSI compliant anchorage points on just about any worksite for extra protection.
Bulk Team Member Ryan Wearing Hard Hat, Safety Glasses and Gloves

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