Bringing Creative Solutions to Life

With a full fabrication and machine shop capable of taking an idea to reality, Bulk has assembled a team of excellent fabricators with decades of experience. This team gives us the ability to create, customize or repair anything made of metal.

Cost-Saving Machine Rebuilds

Extensive wear and tear from unforgiving conditions in the industries heavy equipment supports is common. With in-house reconditioning capabilities, Bulk is able to offer a more cost-effective option than supplying brand new.

Machine Customization

Every job site has a unique set of heavy equipment needs. Whether it’s altering bucket teeth or building a specific attachment, we have the capabilities to modify any project to a specific application.

Unmatched Problem Solving

Utilizing advanced CAD and CAM software, we’re able to engineer full-service creative solutions. Successfully taking ideas from napkin sketch to final product is just another day in the shop at Bulk.

Inside Our Fab Shop

We provide a large fleet of Wheel Loaders to our customers. With this comes the need to inventory, maintain, and oftentimes completely rebuild a large quantity of Wheel Loader buckets. To keep our overall cost of ownership as low as possible, we’ve dedicated a section of our fab shop to rebuilding buckets. Being able to do this in-house has allowed us to find various ways of extending the life of these buckets by using specialized materials and strategically placing additional metal in high-wear areas.

Identifying ways our customers can gain efficiencies is an important part of what we do. Here we added sideboards to this A60 dump body so our customer can haul more of their light material in each load. The factory tailgate was also modified and the hinge point raised to fit the new shape of the bed.

Window guarding provides operators protection from material coming into contact with the cab windshield. Because it's not always an option to source OEM or aftermarket solutions, the Bulk fabrication shop team builds our own solutions to meet the requirements and timelines of our customers.

A customer who we supply a Transporter System to was having problems using their rail system to transport large rolls from their mill to the roll shop. Because of the adaptability of the Transporter System, we were able to design and fabricate an additional pallet that could handle all their various roll sizes. This gave them the flexibility to transport their rolls using the elevating transporter. Now they are not dependent upon the rail system and the roll shop has what they need when they need it.

When our customer’s safety department asks us to build them a heat shield to deflect the heat of their product away from the tires on one of our reach stackers, our fab shop delivers.