Fleeting for Our Customer

Always finding ways to be a resource for our customers is a priority at Bulk. That’s why we’ve made it a point to foster a large equipment network and develop long-standing relationships with specialty equipment manufacturers. This gives us the ability to be able to source anything from hard-to-find machines to large spreads of equipment for your operation.

Long-Term Partnerships

We have long-standing partnerships with specialty equipment manufacturers to provide site-specific custom solutions which improve efficiency and drive down cost.

Diverse Network

Being brand independent requires us to maintain a wide-ranging network of equipment dealers and brokers. This helps satisfy the extensive scope of customer needs that we service.

Comprehensive Setup

When sourcing and setting up machines, they’re put through a rigorous inspection in our shop to make sure any issues are identified and corrected before sending them out to customer job sites nationwide.

Customer-Focused Sourcing

Customer-Focused Sourcing

Customer-Focused Sourcing

Bulk Employee Operating Kress Pot Carrier
Pot Carrier
Two Bulk Equipment Corp. Employees Wearing Hard Hats Standing In Front Of A Bright Red Transporter
Kress Slab Carrier At Project Site
Straddle Carrier