Producing America's Foundations

The mining industry is a necessary element to enjoying daily fundamentals such as the homes we live in or the roads we drive. Like many other critical industries, equipment uptime and availability are key to running a smooth and efficient mining operation. Our detailed maintenance program and diverse, expert technicians focus on maximizing the heavy equipment uptime mining companies need so they can concentrate on producing aggregate, metals, and minerals for society.

Read on to find out more about the heavy equipment that keeps quarries and mines operating seamlessly:

Bulldozer Moving Dirt At Mining/quarry Site

Bulldozers are used for various tasks in the mining industry. From stripping topsoil to pushing material, these powerful machines can be the workhorse of an operation. In addition to pushing, dozers can also be fitted with different rear attachments, such as a ripper, to loosen compacted material so that it can be moved more easily.

775f Haul Truck At Project Site

Haul Trucks are the transportation tool of a mine. These large dump trucks can range in size from 50 ton to 400 ton. Towering over your common road trucks, they move massive piles of material in each load, and are now operating autonomously in some mines around the world.

Where We Work

If an operation involves moving material from a quarry with heavy equipment, we’re there to add value and keep them moving 24/7. We serve any of the following:
  • Aggregate
  • Metals
  • Minerals
  • Reclamation & Development
Aerial View of a Quarry & Mining Site With Trees and Mountains In the Distance
Heavy Equipment Moving Large Aggregate Material at a Quarry

Customized Fleets

Since no two mines are the same, we work with every mining customer ahead of time to design, procure, and set up the perfect fleet management for their specific operations.

Heavy Equipment Moving Large Aggregate Material at a Quarry

Core Capabilities