Keeping Steel Mills Moving

From the medical instruments used to sustain us, to the buildings we work and live in, the cars we drive, and the utensils we eat with, the steel industry contributes to product in every sector of the country. We’re proud to be a part of keeping this life supporting industry moving by renting and maintaining specialized steel mill equipment across the country.

Check out some of the heavy equipment machinery that’s an integral part of keeping steel mills moving:

Bright Red Transporter Also Known As Continuous Transport System

Continuous Transport System (CTS), also known as a Transporter, operates using a series of pallets engineered to hold the material being transported. These large machines have multi-axle maneuverability allowing them to maneuver in tight areas. They elevate hydraulically to lift a pallet from the ground and can be designed to carry 50 to 350 tons. These Continuous Transport Systems add significant efficiency to an operation.

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Reach Stacker With Tong At Job Site

Reach Stackers are typically built for the Intermodal Industry for handling shipping containers. They’re designed to lift these large containers, transport them around a terminal, and stack them many containers high. Because of their unique lifting ability and the excellent visibility when compared with other lifting equipment, these Reach Stackers, once modified, make excellent tools to tackle coil and slab handling in the Steel Industry.

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Pot Carrier Tapping Directly Into A Slag Pot To Mitigate Risk & Handle Molten Slag

Pot Carriers are engineered to mitigate risk and increase efficiency when handling molten slag, a byproduct of the steel making process. Utilizing a Pot Carrier allows the steelmaker to tap directly into a slag pot.

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Straddle Carriers are engineered to increase the ease and handling of slabs direct from the caster to either an inventory yard or rolling mill. They reduce the number of times the slabs are handled, and with the utilization of an inventory program can easily track the movement of the slabs from caster to inventory yard to rolling mill where they are converted to coils. The slabs can be handled hot or cold, and based on the capacity of the carrier in stacks of 4-7, ranging up to 200 tons of material in a single move.

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Steel Mill Application Front-end Loader At Job Site

Steel Mill Application (SMA) Front-End Loaders have the base of a tried and tested design with a reinforced frame, cab, and components in order to operate and handle molten steel and blast furnace slag. Designed to protect the operator and reduce the risks when handling molten slag, the front-end loader cab is fitted with impact- and heat-resistant glass. There is also a closed HVAC system to prevent the introduction of gases created when handling the molten slag.

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Where Our Machines Work

If it has anything to do with equipment and steel, Bulk makes it happen. Here are the specific applications we serve:
  • Hot Work
  • Scrap Handling
  • Loading and Hauling
  • Personnel Transport
Green Sennebogen 850 Material Handler Lifting Steel Scraps
Heavy Equipment At Job Site, Steel Industry

Purpose-Built Iron

Thanks to our engineering, design, and fabrication abilities we can build equipment for any steel mill application, including slag handling.

Check out our rebuilds
Heavy Equipment At Job Site, Steel Industry

Core Capabilities