Extend Heavy Equipment Lifespan

Rebuilding is a crucial aspect of providing our customers with the most value possible. Since machine frames can last for multiple lifecycles, we’ve heavily invested in our full rebuild capabilities rather than constantly turning fleets over. This means we can take any asset that’s seen hours and hours of the harshest environments to new machine-quality entirely in-house.

Cost Savings

We understand that just because a machine has run extensively in the field doesn’t mean it’s on its last leg. That’s why Bulk has a dedicated in-house operation focused on restoring heavy equipment back to OEM specs and beyond. This provides our customers the benefits of a new machine for a fraction of the cost.

Build to Upgrade

Focused on restoring heavy-equipment to a better-than-new condition, we build to OEM spec with various upgrades targeted to customer application.

Machine Customization

Flexibility to tailor equipment to site-specific needs allows our customers to align machines with their productivity goals.

Application Specific Modifications

Our customers run heavy equipment in harsh environments. Consistent exposure to these kinds of extreme conditions can quickly wear down a stock machine. The team has experience with an extensive amount of equipment applications. This means we’re able to apply our background to help creatively design a solution that will enable the asset to stand up to these harsh environments, minimizing downtime and increasing the life of the equipment.

An SMA package can be inclusive of many of the different modifications we perform. Click through to check out some examples.

Protective fire sleeve wrapping and braided stainless-steel coverings on hydraulic hoses, grease lines, and electrical wiring is used for protection from radiant heat. This prevents premature wear, failure and ignition source for compartment and localized fires.

Protective blast-resistant cab windows combine heat-reflective and high-impact qualities to form a protective, blast-resistant glass. This glass increases safety on the front and side windows of machines, helping to safeguard operators digging and loading in slag pits and various furnace areas of steel mills and foundries.

Transmission override allows a machine that’s become disabled in a pit or underneath the furnace to be towed to safety by disengaging the gears in the transmission and shifting to the neutral position.

Fire suppression system is a fast-acting, liquid-based system that detects, extinguishes and prevents reflash. When handling molten slag, the possibilities of fire hazards are extensive. This system is in place to help save the operator’s life in the most dire situations.

Tire chains are used to safeguard tires subject to heavy abrasion and damage when handling molten slag. Specifically-developed and specially-hardened forged wear links ensure optimal tire protection, even during use on these hot and burning surfaces.

High-efficiency, application-specific buckets are built with special materials and reinforced in specific areas that allow the asset to dig and haul molten slag effectively. This extends the life of the buckets and protects the machine as a whole.

Pedestrian detection systems help combat ever-increasing blind spots on machines and blind corners where an operator is unable to see around. When properly installed, based on potential hazards, these systems can provide the operator the split-second notification needed to prevent an incident.

Behind the Rebuild Process

Behind the Rebuild Process

Behind the Rebuild Process

Behind the Rebuild Process

Behind the Rebuild Process

Behind the Rebuild Process

A Glance At The Initial Heavy Equipment Rebuild Process At Bulk Equipment Corp.
On arrival, the machine is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and the team puts together a scope of work based on the condition and needs of the machine.
Machine Frame Is Sand-blasted And Painted At Bulk Equipment Corp.
Before components are reinstalled, the frame is sand-blasted and painted to ensure any imperfections are addressed.
Hydraulic, Grease And Electrical Lines Are Replaced At Bulk Equipment Corp.
Hydraulic, grease, and electrical lines are replaced to OEM specifications as the asset is built from the ground up.
Sections Of The Heavy Machine Such As The Battery Box Are Removed, Inspected And Rebuilt At Bulk Equipment Corp.
Counterweights, battery box and other sections of the machine are removed, inspected, and rebuilt if necessary. They’re then sandblasted and painted.
Heavy Equipment Is Sandblasted & Prepped For Paint
Sandblasted and prepped for paint.
Freshly Painted Heavy Equipment, Fully Rebuilt
Freshly painted and ready to take the next steps towards heading back to work.