In business, just as in life, the best partnerships are the ones that include mutual respect, similar visions and an overall good fit. Bulk Equipment Corp. and Neslund and Associates are a prime example of such a partnership, but the parallels don’t stop there.

Just as Bulk is, Neslund and Associates is a multi-generational family-owned business steeped in the understanding of their respective industry and the desire to provide the highest quality work to customers.

The Neslund/Bulk relationship began about 5 years ago, when a Neslund foreman ran into Donnie, a Bulk field service master technician, at a local restaurant one Friday night. The former coworkers got to talking about what they were up to. It was mentioned that Neslund needed help with some of their machines, and Donnie suggested that Bulk could probably assist. A couple of days and a conversation later, the Bulk and Neslund collaboration was solidified.

Fast forward 5 years, and that partnership is still going strong, with Donnie at the helm. As a dedicated Bulk field service technician, he keeps the Neslund operation running smoothly so that they can meet the deadlines they’re up against. Donnie’s years of experience and extensive machine knowledge allow him to be able to step in, quickly diagnose the problem and find and implement a solution quickly to keep the operation moving.

It’s not just his expertise that makes Donnie the technician that Neslund keeps going back to. It’s his strong work ethic and how his mindset is as if he’s not just working for Bulk, but for Neslund too. He’s not there just to change parts and get by – Donnie looks for long-term solutions and how to make the equipment run better than it was before.

That kind of attentiveness is something Neslund appreciates because it’s a trait they try to live by as well. They go above and beyond to look out for their clients, both getting the job done right and helping them with anything they’re able to along the way.

With a niche focus on putting in residential mainline infrastructure, it’s imperative that the Neslund machine fleet runs at peak performance day in and out. The fact that housing developments in Indiana and Illinois know Neslund by name and continue to call them back time and again is a testament to the fact that Neslund, with the support of Bulk, continues to deliver on what they promise.

As Donnie put it, thank God for wings and beer, otherwise this dynamic pair may never have come to fruition.